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Prospect Hill Forge – The Blacksmithing Classroom comes to Winslowshire

The sound of cold steel against hot iron. Human will versus inhuman resistance. The shimmer of heat as it rises into the sky. Sinuous curves stiffening as they cool…
A battle with a fire-breathing dragon? No, just a blacksmith doing his job.

According to Prospect Hill Forge’s website http://prospecthillforge.com ” a blacksmith is one who works the black metal (iron) by smiting (hitting) it. The blacksmith takes advantage of the fact that iron becomes plastic when hot and forms it to his will in that state.”

Prospect Hill Forge will be demonstrating Blacksmithing for Winslowshire this June.  They have been with us since 2009 and they are just really interesting to watch.  If you have any questions about what they do, or would like to try your hand at it, they do have classes available in Waltham, MA and take students so you too can learn the art of blacksmithing.

We do hope you can come to Winslowshire this June.  There is plenty to see and do!


Reliable Bus from New Bedford, MA will be our chariot this year.  The extra parking has been allowed at The New Testament Baptist Church in Taunton, MA on Saturday, June 25th from 10:30 am to 5:3o pm.  The bus will go every half hour from the Church to the Farm for your convenience.  The Bus will then go on Sunday, June 26th from 1 pm to 5:3o pm.  Please do respect the church and not park before 1 pm on the Sunday as they do have services there.

We have only a little more than a month to go, and we’re working hard on some new songs for finale!  38 vendors and 22 performers!  Lots of things for the little ones too!  There will be an ATM on site should you need cash for some vendors (or give a tip to our performers, please do feel free to tip them well).


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So far so good – Dates for next year also announced

I just wanted to say thank you all for supporting us and Winslowshire Festival for the Animals.  Our fan page on Facebook keeps growing daily and we are working hard already for a new season coming for next June of 2011.

Speaking of which, the new dates for next year will be June 25th and 26th of 2011.  Due to the limitations of the farm, we are only going to do the one weekend.

So far, we’ve sent out an e mail to our vendors that we had last June and already have a great response.  We’ve actually got 2 contracts in from Alchemy http://magicalalchemy.com/ and The Artist’s Muse http://www.alisonsmagick4.com/ who does readings and natal charts (she did one for me, and it was really interesting!).

We also have Nourish Restaurant very interested in coming back, and we feel that they did a fabulous job with never being to a Renaissance Festival before!  So a great Huzzah to them!  Their website is http://www.nourishlexington.com/ who also has an amazing restaurant in Lexington, MA so please do go and check them out if you live in the local area, I highly suggest it!

More updates will come in as soon as we get them, and stay tuned!

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Updates for Winslowshire

Updates for Winslowshire

We got extra parking this year! Yes! The New Testament Baptist Church in Taunton, MA is graciously offering their parking lot for ALL day Saturday from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm and on Sunday from 1 pm to 5:30 pm. The website for them is http://www.newtestamentschool.org/index.html but how will you get there from the parking lot you ask? A mere school bus? Nay! We got Bloom Bus Charter Bus http://www.bloombus.com/index.asp to provide our guests with a luxurious ride to and from the parking.

We have Kettle Korn this year! Hooray! JW Kettle Korn is coming!

New vendors including: Storied Threads RavensbeckGood Quill Hunting, live blacksmithing demonstrations from Shaine Stainton and more!

New performers including: The Neville CompanyeJoy Dances, our friend Daniel GreenWolf will also be doing some great magic. We even have a Bag piper (Gregory Collpitts) for Saturday and more! Of course some of our favorites are coming back this year, including Antika NuevaCloak and DaggerShaunough (he will be there both days this year)   and our friends The Harper and The Minstrel will be there also!

I’ve been promoting this as much as I can for free, and http://www.goboston.com was nice enough to put it on their front page with a nice write up!

So are you coming? Come on! It’s only $10.00 and it all is for a good cause! If you come dressed in Renaissance Attire, it’s $2.00 off!

For more information about Winslowshire Festival for the Animals do visit our website at http://www.winslowshire.com


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