2011 Performers

Dirge Queen

Guy Todd

The Three Graces

The Neville Companye

Earl Witt – Hammered Dulcimer

Granny Gruesome’s Gleeful Tales

Wyck’s Pleasurably Painful Show

Kate the Storyteller

Buzzards Bay Buccanneers

Diablis in Musica


Tom Foolery

Lady Faire

The Harper and Minstrel


Rufus the Mudbeggar

Bawdy Buccaneers


Black Rose II Crew


2009 Performers

Sir Robert of Artemis

Dirge Queen
Rufus the Mud Beggar
Guy Todd
The Harper & The MistrelKate of Antika Nueva
Shaunough The MinstrelWilliam Shakespeare
The Phinns Stories & Songs
Paul CalvoThe Neville CompanyeThe Freelance Guild of Pirates
Earl Witt Hammered Dulcimer
Windborne DuoTom Foolery
Joy DancesLady Feyline
Piper Gregor Colpitts
Daniel GreenwolfThe 3 Graces
Buzzards Bay Buccaneers
Joy Dances (Saturday only)


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