Cucina Aurora – Kitchen Witchery

Have you heard of Kitchen Witchery?  Well, it basically means “to make a prayer over a cooked meal” and if you are a chef or one in the making (like the rest of us at home) then you really need to check Cucina Aurora out.

This wonderful Kitchen Witch knows how to make things tasty and just overall healthy for you and your family.  If you love cooking, then you know the importance of having fused olive oils are.  Cucina Aurora (Kitchen Witchery) (see her website at has wonderful, flavorful fused olive oils that will have you saying they are “magically delicious” (sorry Lucky Charms® cereal).

On their website they have recipies as well as all the events that they are going to be at.  Cucina Aurora also has spices that you can add to food (great for me, since I need to live salt free) and also has kitchen gadgets as well as other items.

They have really great oils and I do know that she was sold out the very first day of Winslowshire, so you might want to get to her booth early!


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As Graceful as ever – The Graces

Ah The Graces…three lovely ladies who can sing in such wonderful harmonies with a sense of humor and wit…not to mention they can get down right bawdy.

Jezzebel Grace with a drink in hand

(Picture by Paul Shaughnessy)

When we say bawdy, we mean that it’s not crude or rude or nasty…no…it’s twists of the language so that if your children understand their jokes, it’s not their fault.  It is a show meant for older adults (mostly over the age of 18) but really, leave your young children to other things that will be going on.

These three lovely ladies are wenches free that consist of Kat McNiff (Kitty Grace), Gabrielle Murray (Jezebel Grace) and Mikayla Pachucki (Lily Grace) (more information is on their Facebook fan page at :!/TheGraces?sk=info).  This is a high energy group that has performed at King Richard’s Faire, Winslowshire Festival, The Steampunk Festival (coming up soon in Waltham, MA) and their newest adventure at Abbadia Mare Festival (coming to Hammond Castle this July).

If you love wenches, and you love bawdy songs, then you really need to look no further than The Graces.  We hope that you come to Winslowshire to listen to their wonderful voices (crystal clear with harmonies too I should add) and enjoy their music (which you can now buy on a CD!)

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Aetas Designs – Quality custom clothing

If you are looking for quality custom clothing for historical, fantasy or everyday wear, then Aetas Designs is a great place to start!  Http:// has clothing for women and men that is very well made and can stand the test of time.  They also sell, clasps, buttons, fabric and more to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for as far as a Re-enactment Garb or Fantasy wear.

They also make sashes, scarves and shawls to go with your custom made outfit.  They also make bodices for the ladies that are very well made.

Aetas Designs has been with Winslowshire since they started up in 2008 and has grown with the festival along with so many others.  They have fabulous customer service and if they don’t have what you are looking for, they will help you search and actually make it for you.

We hope that when you visit Winslowshire this June, you can go and visit Aetas Designs – tell them we sent you.

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Granny Gruesome and her Gleeful Tales

Granny Gruesome’s Gleeful Tales is a wonderful combination of Story Telling and Music done by Glee Violette (former Music Director at King Richard’s) which was created in 2010.

Granny Gruesome

(Picture provided by Paul Shaughnessy)

Granny Grue even has a fan page on Facebook!/pages/Granny-Gruesomes-Gleeful-Tales/101890523190737?sk=info so you can find out more information about what she does.

Granny Grue can entertain young kids (I know, my son – age 6 is a big fan) to adults alike.  She is very personable and very interactive with the audience.  She also walks about with her Roso the Whatsis, a strange pet on her shoulder for people to stare at or pet with intrigue.

We hope that you catch one of her shows at Winslowshire, and enjoy the show!

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Winslowshire – A Renaissance Festival to benefit Winslow Farm


Contact: Phinn Volt Enterprises

Name: Gia Volterra de Saulnier

e mail:


Winslowshire – A Renaissance Festival to benefit Winslow Farm

By: Gia Volterra de Saulnier

Norton, MA – Imagine a place that seems to be a step back in time with maidens, knights in shining armor, fairies, pirates and more who are all part of a Renaissance Festival called Winslowshire Festival for the Animals.

Winslowshire Festival was created in 2008 as a fundraiser for Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary, a “Stay for life” animal sanctuary that helps abused animals and offers a tranquil setting. 

Phinn Volt Enterprise’s Director Richard Saulnier has been pleasantly surprised at the continued support for this coming year.  “I’m ecstatic that we’ve been able to continue this long with 40 vendors and 20 performers that seem to want to keep coming back!”  His wife Gia agrees, “We couldn’t be more pleased that Winslowshire seems to be like a little vacation even for vendors and performers alike.  We’ve really strived to make this a very family friendly event so that all ages can have a great time while supporting a fantastic cause.”

In fact, Winslowshire has some previous vendors and performers returning from earlier seasons and some new vendors as well including; pottery from PupDog Pottery ( , T York Stained Glass ( , Parrish Relics ( and Ironwood Artisans ( just to name a few.

The two day event will be from June 25th and 26th of 2011 from 11 am to 5 pm each day.  Admission is $12.00 for adults and $7.00 for kids ages 5 – 13 and kids under 4 will be free. 

Specials include: Two day pass for $18.00, Come dressed in Renaissance Attire for $2.00 off and a Veterans’ Discount of $2.00 (must show military ID).  Specials may not be combined.

For more information about the event, please go to the website at

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Cucina Dolce; scrumptious brownies and more!

Ah Cucina Dolce, a “Sweet kitchen” indeed….lots of amazingly delicious brownies and other sweet treats were available last June and she is coming back this June to Winslowshire Festival for the Animals!

Dawn DeMeo has been making brownies from scratch for over 10 years (that I can remember) and all kinds!  She makes Cheesecake flavored to Smores with marshmellows and chocolate mixed in.  She decided to create her own company now called Cucina Dolce that has been going since 2009.

Her brownies are the best I’ve ever tasted (and I’m an expert when it comes to Brownies ;)) and I can tell you that they are just out of this world good.

We hope that this entices you to come to Winslowshire Festival, and to have at least ONE brownie while you are at the festival this coming June!

Since her website is still under construction, you can find her on facebook at!/pages/Cucina-Dolce/150047661699358?sk=wall and you can learn more information there!


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Diamonds and Dinasours, one of our eggcellent vendors – and Updates

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun on the eggcellent (my six year old likes making egg jokes now) but our vendor that we’ve had for now 3 years called Diamonds and Dinosaurs carries these marble type rocks as smooth as silk and put into little bags called “Eggies”.

Karen and Brad Luscombe have owned Diamonds and Dinosaurs in Brockton, MA and have supported us since the very beginning of Winslowshire.

Not only are they very knowledgeable about what they carry, but they are also very personable as to how to handle younger patrons as well.

They do a lot of different craft shows around the MA area, so do try to check them out.



The cast and crew are already hard at work on new songs for Finale (which may be moved) and we are already filled to the brim with performers.  We now have some new vendors coming for next June and have some returning faces as well, such as The Bawdy Buccaneers and Windbourne.

More to come soon, but in the meantime, the dates have been set for June 25th and 26th of 2011 and a press release will go out very shortly!  Don’t forget you can always find us at our website at to get more details or you can find our fan page on Facebook at so please “like” us today!


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