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Shakespeare at play at Winslowshire Festival

Duncan Inches has been performing as the great bard himself, William Shakespeare for many different festivals and faires all over the Country and we’ve been fortunate to have him perform with us since the very beginning of Winslowshire Festival.

Duncan has a knack of getting the character of William Shakespeare so well, that you almost feel like you are talking to the great bard himself.  He will let you ask questions and he’ll answer them as Shakespeare also.  He also performs for libraries, schools and other lecture series.

He also is a character actor that you may have seen in some movies like; McLintock (yeah, the one with John Wayne) and others.

We love having Shakespeare come to our festival, and he really loves Winslowshire – he tells me he loves this festival as it’s very intimate and friendly, and the animals add another element to it. 

We hope you can come to Winslowshire and meet Shakespeare.  Maybe he’ll answer your questions too!  Don’t forget the festival is coming up this June 25th and 26th from 11 am to 5 pm.


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Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary – updates and news

Winslowshire Festival for the Animals is our Renaissance Festival that we put on for the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary ( that helps over 300 to 350 abused and abandoned animals of all kinds (mostly farm animals).

They also have a Facebook fan page at!/pages/Winslow-Farm-Animal-Sanctuary/104313059618427?ref=ts so if you are on Facebook, please join their fan site so they can gain more people to them, and don’t forget to tell your friends and family to visit them!

When you visit the farm itself, it is just a very peaceful place with a lot of charming animals that come over to say “hello” to you and you just fall in love with the place.  Debra White has been the owner and President of Winslow Farm since 1996.  The latest newsletter that they have online is at .

There are two new baby animals that she put up a pen for who have become “brothers”.  A baby goat named Cotton and a baby sheep named Sturbridge.   If one is without the other for a short time, whining and baas or maas come out of the animals.

Unfortunately, Pumpkin the beautiful Arab horse that they had, had to be put down due to colic, I know Half Moon the Pinto (blind horse) will miss her terribly.

Pandy, the border Collie is somewhat new to the farm and likes to fetch any and all pine cones.  She will not leave you alone until you pass her the pine cone.

Again, Winslowshire Festival became a wonderful place that showed how a shire might look back in that time.

We thank Winslow Farm for letting us play and be our goofy selves and we hope that our patrons and customers fell in love with it too.

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That sweet smell of success – Diddleydeets Scents

We were very happy to have Diddleydeets Scents and Soaps vend with us for the first time this year.  Http:// Diddleydeets has some amazing hand made soaps made with goat milk, and perfumes as well as salt crystals.

They also sell Medieval type games such as Nine Men Morris, which is one of the oldest games known to man.  According to their website : “The game Nine Men’s Morris began popping up in about 1400 BC. The first Nine Men’s Morris game-board was found in an Ancient Egyptian Temple. It was in the Bronze Age when the game was transported to other countries.  The game is also known as “Me’relles” and “Mill”.”

They carry other items such as wands and crystal balls so you can practice your spells at home!  They do sell their products from their website, and they are really lovely in person, so if you have any questions, they will be sure to answer them!

Again from their website : “We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express & Discover
Please call for shipping fee quotes
NYS Sales Tax not included in prices.”

Please tell them we sent you and do check them out!  I call that the sweet smell of success!

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Getting pretty braids from Ye Olde Hair Shoppe

If you’re a lady of old time fashion, you would most likely have long enough hair to braid it in a way to make it more renaissance style.  Julie DiMarzio from Ye Olde Hair Shoppe can help you out.  Even though she has short hair herself she knows hair and how to make it look like something from the past with hair wraps.

She does travel from different Faires.  We met her at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire last fall and also at the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire this past May.  She was all excited to be at Winslowshire Festival this year (her first year) and loved her spot across from the Trellis stage where she could watch different performers for both days and near the privies (always a bonus).

She was happy to be close to home in MA so we hope that she comes back again for next year’s event, which we will post about hopefully shortly.


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Find your path

If you are interested in learning more about who you really are, you can come and visit Terry Milton “The Stone Lady” to get some guidance to find your path.

According to her website:

“A reading with The Stone Lady is like no other. Not only has she devised a method which is completely her own, she addresses her clients with a tenderness and sincerity which is difficult to overlook. Deeply empathic and truly gifted with the ability to deliver sharp paranormal insight, The Stone Lady impacts the lives of those she reads for in a positive way which the client immediately appreciates.”

If you didn’t get a chance to meet with her for 2008, you will get a chance to visit her again this coming June.

You can always get a reading from her on the phone or via e mail and according to her website, these are her prices:



During your Stone Reading, you will select stones both with your eyes open and with your eyes closed. If the reading is not an “in person” reading, Terry will close her eyes, tune into you, and select the stones or crystals for your reading by proxy. This is a comfortable, up-beat, down-to-earth reading that
is suitable for children as well as adults.

15 Minute Phone Reading $35.00
30 Minute Phone Reading $60.00
60 Minutes Phone Reading $120.00

Both Phone and Email readings are available for your convenience

What she does is she has you pick out a stone that you fancy or that you are attracted to, and she gives you some insight into what that stone is about and how it relates to you.  It is really enlightening to learn more about these gems and what they mean to you alone or to a question that you have lingering in your mind.

She is just amazingly talented and extremely nice to be around, and we are so happy that she’s returning to Winslowshire for this June.

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New things coming for this June!

We’ve been working hard already to see what we can come up with for new things for this June at Winslowshire Festival for the Animals.

We will be having an ATM machine on site to make it easier for patrons to get money in case a vendor only takes cash.  We also will be having our first official faire florist they are looking forward to being part of Winslowshire.

We are looking forward to this June, and we look forward on seeing you there!

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A Third year for Winslowshire 2010

I can’t even believe that 2009 is over!  Wow, that went by fast!  We already do have dates set up for the last weekend in June of 2010 for Winslowshire and the website is slowly growing all over again…we do have some new people coming in, but I can’t divulge just yet!  (I do want to keep you all on your toes)

In the meantime, I can write about more of what we had happen last year (June) and say THANK YOU for all that have supported us in a big way!  I would also like to say a BIG THANKS to the following people that make Winslowshire possible!

My good friend Joyce Morin Strong from has helped us in so many ways by putting an article out and then using Twitter (I’m on Twitter too, as @giazzpet), helping post on Facebook and other places as well, so if you are in need of tickets for any event in Boston, MA or anywhere in New England for that matter, do check her out!  She also is in charge of – great deals!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Debra White of Winslow Farm for without her, we would have no faire!

Also, I would like to give a shout out to to say thanks for letting me post on your site, it really did help us get to the numbers we were looking for, and hope we can post again for this coming June.

Thanks to all of our Crew and Volunteers, for without them, we would really be up um, well, a creek….or be in the mud…so thanks gang, you know who you are.

Thanks to our new friends, who I will blog about in more current posts, and thanks if you voted for our little faire on I hope we can win something for this year..hope hope hope…

Happy New Year everyone!  Stay safe for 2010 and hope we see you in JUNE!

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