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Getting Nourished by Nourish Restaurant of Lexington

As Winslowshire is a Renaissance Festival that Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary hosts – it was a very difficult challenge to find a vegetarian food vendor who would not only satisfy the farm rules/regulations of having no meat on site, but to also feed many festival patrons and Renaissance Faire goers who are used to getting meat items at other Festivals.

It took us a while, but we found Nourish Restaurant in Lexington, MA ( who not only has fabulous food at the restaurant in Lexington but they were also able to come up with an fabulous tasty menu that exceeded all of our expectations with great vegetarian options such as: Falafel wrap sandwiches, Vegetarian Chili (oh, and btw, I am not a huge fan of spicy food, but hubby is, and it was not too hot for me, and just tasty enough for him!),  Salad wraps and Ice Teas with some sodas!

They have live music at the restaurant and what I also love is that they have all this art on the walls…see, what happened (or the story goes) that the Art Gallery down the street from them in Lexington closed, so they told the artists, hey, we have wall space, hang it here, and if we sell it – we just get a small portion of the monies…Great deal right?

I love their food, and maybe I’m being a little biased, but everyone else seemed to really enjoy it as well.

So, if you are in Lexington, MA looking for a great restaurant to try out, check out Nourish of Lexington!  Tell them we sent you!


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Diamonds and Dinasours, one of our eggcellent vendors – and Updates

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun on the eggcellent (my six year old likes making egg jokes now) but our vendor that we’ve had for now 3 years called Diamonds and Dinosaurs carries these marble type rocks as smooth as silk and put into little bags called “Eggies”.

Karen and Brad Luscombe have owned Diamonds and Dinosaurs in Brockton, MA and have supported us since the very beginning of Winslowshire.

Not only are they very knowledgeable about what they carry, but they are also very personable as to how to handle younger patrons as well.

They do a lot of different craft shows around the MA area, so do try to check them out.



The cast and crew are already hard at work on new songs for Finale (which may be moved) and we are already filled to the brim with performers.  We now have some new vendors coming for next June and have some returning faces as well, such as The Bawdy Buccaneers and Windbourne.

More to come soon, but in the meantime, the dates have been set for June 25th and 26th of 2011 and a press release will go out very shortly!  Don’t forget you can always find us at our website at to get more details or you can find our fan page on Facebook at so please “like” us today!


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Find your path

If you are interested in learning more about who you really are, you can come and visit Terry Milton “The Stone Lady” to get some guidance to find your path.

According to her website:

“A reading with The Stone Lady is like no other. Not only has she devised a method which is completely her own, she addresses her clients with a tenderness and sincerity which is difficult to overlook. Deeply empathic and truly gifted with the ability to deliver sharp paranormal insight, The Stone Lady impacts the lives of those she reads for in a positive way which the client immediately appreciates.”

If you didn’t get a chance to meet with her for 2008, you will get a chance to visit her again this coming June.

You can always get a reading from her on the phone or via e mail and according to her website, these are her prices:



During your Stone Reading, you will select stones both with your eyes open and with your eyes closed. If the reading is not an “in person” reading, Terry will close her eyes, tune into you, and select the stones or crystals for your reading by proxy. This is a comfortable, up-beat, down-to-earth reading that
is suitable for children as well as adults.

15 Minute Phone Reading $35.00
30 Minute Phone Reading $60.00
60 Minutes Phone Reading $120.00

Both Phone and Email readings are available for your convenience

What she does is she has you pick out a stone that you fancy or that you are attracted to, and she gives you some insight into what that stone is about and how it relates to you.  It is really enlightening to learn more about these gems and what they mean to you alone or to a question that you have lingering in your mind.

She is just amazingly talented and extremely nice to be around, and we are so happy that she’s returning to Winslowshire for this June.

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Rufus – The mud beggar

At first you think you are not sure that he is a real person.  A figment of your imagination, if you will.

Rufus is covered from head to toe in mud.  Now, there are other mud beggars out there, and while they are good at what they do, Rufus is the best!


Rufus by the red house

Here is a great picture of Rufus by the Red House.

Now Rufus will try to sell you a free stick for a dollar or ask you for a hug or a kiss while covered in mud.  He’ll even “stalk” you with some celery or whatever he has on hand.  He is really funny and very clever.

Rufus does perform at other Renaissance Faires too, such as The New Hampshire Faire and some in Maine (sorry, I don’t have more information yet).

We love Rufus at Winslowshire and we hope to see him “stuck” with us next year.

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Resa Nelson – Author of Dragonslayer’s Sword

We were so fortunate to have our first author (local one at that) to sell her books (and signed copies too) at Winslowshire!  She is putting out a new book and soon!
She is currently selling her book on her website, and now also at King Richard’s Faire in Carver, MA.  She is a really nice person and I heard that the book is a really good read too.
Author Resa Nelson sold her novel, The Dragonslayer’s Sword, at Winslowshire for the first time this year.  If you didn’t have a chance to meet her (or if there’s someone on your holiday list who likes fantasy novels), check out her special 1-day promotion.  Anyone who buys her novel from on October 13 will get lots of free gifts from Resa.  Go to and look for the link to her special promotion page.
Go now to check out and find The Dragonslayer’s Sword and buy it today!

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Delicious Snacks that we had -Dave’s Mini Donuts and JW’s Kettle Corn

Winslowshire Festival was really happy to have two great food vendors that served more than their fare (ha! a pun!) share of delicious goodies, that I haven’t wrote about yet.  They were Dave’s Mini Donuts and JW’s Kettle Corn.

Oh my goodness, Dave’s Mini Donuts are so delicious even one bite just sends you to heaven. 

I believe that they will be at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire ( and if you get a chance, do go over and have a donut or two, or three, or six…yummmy…

He also makes really good hot apple cider and coffee.

JW’s Kettle Corn found us and requested if they could come and serve Kettle Corn and boy were we lucky to have them!  So great and tasty, salty but sweet kettle corn.  I don’t think they have a website, but I can get their e mail address and if you really enjoyed their kettle corn, I heard that they will ship it to you.  (No, not the shipping corn, the real stuff).  They are local in Carver, MA so I think shipping should only take a few days.

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Pretty cloaks, capes and hats by Fairie Tailor

Fairie Tailor has been making hand made velveteen cloaks, capes, hats and other things for many many years, and currently you can find out more about them on Myspace on this website You can also find them on

We were really lucky to have them for Winslowshire, and I do remember Linda Taylor (see, they used their name for the business…clever…) telling me that someone actually purchased one of their more expensive cloaks at Winslowshire.

I also remember seeing a patron walk in her booth with a jean jacket and coming out with a small cape and hat to match…that was a pretty fabulous transformation if I say so myself!

They are really great people and could probably do anything your wish or which your mind imagines.  I really like the fact that these cloaks are washable!  (Hand washed, but still…great news for us who actually perform in the rain, mud and otherwise not so pleasant weather!)


Other New England Faire news:

CT Renaissance Faire is starting very shortly, do visit their website for more information.

King Richard’s Faire is also starting very shortly, do visit their website for more information.


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