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Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again

All good things must come to an end….even little Winslowshire Festival.  Yes…it is true.

Winslow farm has decided that they are going in a different direction.

We would like to thank ALL of our performers, merchants and of course our hard working cast and crew that made this Festival 10 Classic Renaissance Faires across America : (yeah, I am still not believing that either!).

We’d like to personally thank Nourish Lexington, who not only became the one and only Vegetarian food vendor that was fabulous but also was like finding a diamond – plus we now became friends.

We would like to thank ALL of you who came to the festival, whether it was our very first year (yeah, it was small) to the very last year (2011 season).  We would like to thank ALL of the people who have supported us (behind the scenes) like GoBostonCom and others.

We thank all of YOU who have become our friends and family – we were lucky to see some friends from the past (who I never thought I would see again) and meet some new ones every year.

We have other festivals/faires in the works, so other things are coming our way.  I like to think that Winslowshire was my springboard into this new career for both of us.  Without that, we would not have had this many opportunities that have come our way now.

So, Merry Meet, merry part and Merry Meet Again – Fare thee well, Winslowshire, you will always remain sweet in our eyes.



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Aetas Designs – Quality custom clothing

If you are looking for quality custom clothing for historical, fantasy or everyday wear, then Aetas Designs is a great place to start!  Http:// has clothing for women and men that is very well made and can stand the test of time.  They also sell, clasps, buttons, fabric and more to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for as far as a Re-enactment Garb or Fantasy wear.

They also make sashes, scarves and shawls to go with your custom made outfit.  They also make bodices for the ladies that are very well made.

Aetas Designs has been with Winslowshire since they started up in 2008 and has grown with the festival along with so many others.  They have fabulous customer service and if they don’t have what you are looking for, they will help you search and actually make it for you.

We hope that when you visit Winslowshire this June, you can go and visit Aetas Designs – tell them we sent you.

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Press Release for Winslowshire 2010

Phinn Volt Enterprises

For Immediate Release

Contact: Gia Saulnier

Step Back in time to help the Animals

A Renaissance Festival to Benefit for the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

June 26th and 27th of 2010

Norton, MA – March 30,2010 – Phinn Volt Enterprises has announced that the third annual Winslowshire Renaissance Festival will take place this year at the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary, located at 37 Eddy Street, Norton, MA, 02766 ( during June 26th and 27th of 2010.  With only having two years behind them, Winslowshire Renaissance Faire won second place Best New Renaissance Faire of 2009 from .

The Winslow Farm’s mission is a high quality “Stay for life” animal sanctuary that helps abused animals and offers a tranquil setting which then becomes a step back through history with the Winslowshire Renaissance Faire.

Phinn Volt Enterprises Director Richard Saulnier was pleasantly surprised at the turn out so far this coming year.  “I’m very excited that we’ll have new varied acts and that most of our vendors are still supporting us.”  His wife and partner Gia agrees, “With all the pavilion tents, you feel as if you were walking through a real shire.”

In fact, Winslowshire has expanded to 30 plus vendors offering handcrafted goods, medieval clothing, leather crafts and much more.  There are also 24 varied acts from live music to Knights doing Hand to Hand combat, to magic, and face painting for kids of all ages.

The two day event will be from 11 am to 5 pm each day.  Admission is $12.00 for adults, $7.00 for children.  Please see our current specials located on our website.

Winslowshire is currently looking for sponsors.  For more information about Winslowshire please visit the website at

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Faire Holiday Season – Part Deux

As I mentioned on the last post, since we had so many different vendors, I didn’t want to load all of the information on one post.

Here are 12 more vendors that I hope you can support during this lovely Holiday season that supported Winslowshire last June (and hoping they come back for next year of 2010!)

1. Storied Threads ( has beautifully hand made attire for both men and women; including hats, accessories, embroidery and more.

2. Lost Art Chains (sorry no website information) has great hand crafted metal ware for chain maille and other things like bracelets or even things made for stuffed Bunnies.

3. Antika Nueva  ( has wonderful hand made jewelry, soaps, some amazing healing goo (trust me – I love the Raw Shea Comfrey Goo – I swear by that stuff!) and other really cool things – plus she is just really cool.

4. Aetas Designs also makes wonderful hand made quality renaissance attire as well as wedding renaissance attire, so those of you who might be getting married, would want to check them out their website is

5.  BlackSwann Masques (sorry no website) have amazingly beautiful leather masks.  We bought two at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire and we got so many compliments on them!

6.  For those of you who like magical things, you would most want to check out Alchemy who also has some great trim for those of you who are the crafty types

7. If you are in need of a special kind of cloak or cape, look no further than our friends from Fairie Tailor who makes one of a kind cloaks and capes just made especially for you or your loved one!

8. For the musicians of the house, you might want to look into Drum And Whistle– wonderful renaissance instruments that you could play today!

9. Do you love fantasy art? You should then check out Fantasy Dimensions – this artist Kirin Stein Heller is a most wondrous and amazingly talented artist!  She starts with one medium and then adds another and another which then makes her art very interesting and lovely.

10. Ravensbeck is a bunch of artisans that co-op together, so I’m sure that they make that would be great as a last minute gift for that someone special

11. Emry’s Fynery has some beautiful hand made jewelry which includes some cameos and other things.

12. Treasures is just a place where you can get some kitschy items for the Pirate lover in all of us.  They don’t have a website for that, but for those of you who like tattoos, you should definitely check out her shop and support her business as she is just a wonderful person and can help you decide on which tattoo you should get!

Okay, that’s it for part deux – more to come hopefully next week!

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Have a Faire Holiday Season! (Part 1)

First of all, I would like to say Happy Holidays for all of you that are reading this blog, who have supported me or Winslowshire!

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to come this past June of 2009, we ended up with over 40 different vendors and as a Holiday Present from me to you, I am listing all the different vendors here so you can go and support them.  I would also like to say that not all of our vendors that were at Winslowshire have websites (well, it IS the Renaissance), but I can get their information if you would like to get it.  Since we had sooooo many vendors, I will list 10 today and more hopefully this week.

Here we go:

1.  Cloak & Dagger is having their Yule tide Open House THIS Sunday 12/13/09 and here is the invite:

Come and play dress-up! Visit a bit and enjoy our hospitality.

– Clearance sale with extra 10% savings on all garments on the rack.
– 20% off hoods and mass produced shirts!
– New cloaks, clasps, and circlets. Maybe some sneak previews.
– Special pricing on trim remnants.
– Orphan fabric box – adopt a piece and take it hom…e!
– Free bags of scrap also available for crafts.
( We’ll try and deter the fabric hogs who showed up the day before )
– Munchies & Refreshments.
– Supervised kids-in-tow welcome – ours will be there at least part of
the time.

We’re just off 495 in Littleton,MA, about 10 miles due south of
Nashua, NH. An hour from the Maine or Connecticut borders, minutes from Hampshire. Address:

Park in the upper lot where our sign is.
Leave a comment or drop us an email (info at we can
gauge how much food to prepare.

2. CornerStone Creations has great handmade sculpture to fit anyone’s outdoor fantasies including naughty gnomes!

3.  For those of you getting started with Renaissance Faires or have been to many in New England then you must know about Silvermane as they have everything for beginners and advanced Renaissance collectors.

4. Potted Fox is a great place to get your leather bodices (suede no less) and other pouches.  Their website is and they have really nice people that are there to help you with your purchase should you not be sure of what to get for yourself or for someone you love.

5. Materialis (sorry no website information) but they do have interesting gypsy wear and other items

6. Shaine Stainton from Red Dog Forge can make you anything that is from metal including door knockers.

7. Silverleaf Leather has some nice leather bracers and pouches and of course some armor (all made by Silverleaf)

8. Wolfshead Whatever has some SCA items as well as hand made crochet items, fiber items and other nice stuff

9.  Hickory Arms has great wooden wasters, my personal favorite marshmellow cross bows and of course now tapestry needles (I am going to get one -one day!)

and for now my good friend and greatest supporter of all

10. Good Quill Hunting has fabulous hand made beaded items as well as kits you can make yourself for your tweens and other people you love (wife, ahem…)

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Pretty cloaks, capes and hats by Fairie Tailor

Fairie Tailor has been making hand made velveteen cloaks, capes, hats and other things for many many years, and currently you can find out more about them on Myspace on this website You can also find them on

We were really lucky to have them for Winslowshire, and I do remember Linda Taylor (see, they used their name for the business…clever…) telling me that someone actually purchased one of their more expensive cloaks at Winslowshire.

I also remember seeing a patron walk in her booth with a jean jacket and coming out with a small cape and hat to match…that was a pretty fabulous transformation if I say so myself!

They are really great people and could probably do anything your wish or which your mind imagines.  I really like the fact that these cloaks are washable!  (Hand washed, but still…great news for us who actually perform in the rain, mud and otherwise not so pleasant weather!)


Other New England Faire news:

CT Renaissance Faire is starting very shortly, do visit their website for more information.

King Richard’s Faire is also starting very shortly, do visit their website for more information.


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Be well dressed from Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger is a clothier that makes great outfits and Renaissance Garb, and have been supporting Winslowshire since 2008.

You can pretty much find anything you like at Cloak and Dagger, and they do have a warehouse in Ayer, MA and they also have the website (see above) where you can go online and see what they have in stock. 

I have bought a few things from them, and I can tell you that it is very well made garb, and if you like a certain piece, and they don’t carry it, I’m sure they could make it for you.

They go from fantasy style Renaissance Garb to theatrical garb as well, so they really don’t limit themselves in what they can do for you!  They will be at CT Renaissance Faire ( ) the last weekend, so do go and check them out!

Please do check out their website and hopefully next year, they will come back to be at Winslowshire!

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