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Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again

All good things must come to an end….even little Winslowshire Festival.  Yes…it is true.

Winslow farm has decided that they are going in a different direction.

We would like to thank ALL of our performers, merchants and of course our hard working cast and crew that made this Festival 10 Classic Renaissance Faires across America : (yeah, I am still not believing that either!).

We’d like to personally thank Nourish Lexington, who not only became the one and only Vegetarian food vendor that was fabulous but also was like finding a diamond – plus we now became friends.

We would like to thank ALL of you who came to the festival, whether it was our very first year (yeah, it was small) to the very last year (2011 season).  We would like to thank ALL of the people who have supported us (behind the scenes) like GoBostonCom and others.

We thank all of YOU who have become our friends and family – we were lucky to see some friends from the past (who I never thought I would see again) and meet some new ones every year.

We have other festivals/faires in the works, so other things are coming our way.  I like to think that Winslowshire was my springboard into this new career for both of us.  Without that, we would not have had this many opportunities that have come our way now.

So, Merry Meet, merry part and Merry Meet Again – Fare thee well, Winslowshire, you will always remain sweet in our eyes.



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Those wonderful singing Vagabonds – Iron Hill Vagabonds

If you came to Winslowshire this June, you were lucky to hear The Iron Hill Vagabonds as that was their only New England appearance for 2010.  If you didn’t get to go, these are two brothers that have a musical duo between a guitar and a violin (fiddle) with a mix of traditional songs and instrumental pieces.

Brothers Mark and Ehrich Gauvin portray the Vagabonds and perform all over the Country now in Texas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana and more!  They also have a website at that tells you more about their upcoming appearances and you can also now buy their CD online (great CD by the way, I highly suggest you get one!) called Whiskey & Promises which you can buy at

These guys are not only very talented but also very entertaining to watch and listen to.  They also have a blog at so you can learn more about them and find out what they are like.  If you are on Facebook, they also have a fan page that you can support them at!/ironhillvagabonds?ref=ts.

We hope that they had fun performing at Winslowshire, and we sure hope that they come back for next year!

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Queen of all Dirges – The Dirge Queen

Our good friend Linda Markey has portrayed the lovely and talented Dirge Queen

has been performing at Winslowshire for the last 3 years.

Linda Markey as The Dirge Queen

We met Linda while performing many years ago at Grafton Festival of the Lions (which is no longer happening I’m afraid to say).

With her soulful sounds and instrumental talents, she can sooth your frustrations just by singing.  She has a few videos up on YouTube so you can see and hear for yourself.

She also is a wonderful person to have around as she is just so grounded in herself and her music.

According to “A Dirge is a somber song expressing mourning or grief”

According to Wikipedia “Dirge,

1. Music a. a funeral hymn or lament b. a slow mournful musical composition

2 Any mourning song or melody”

While The Dirge Queen does do a lot of sad mournful songs, there are quite a few other songs she knows that aren’t as sad or mournful, they are cute and sweet too, just like she is.

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Thank you all for your support!

Well, Winslowshire Festival was a grand success thanks to all of you who have supported us!  The Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary made roughly $11,500.00 (not including expenses)!  That will help them support all the animals that live on the farm.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our volunteers that helped set vendors up, helped breakdown vendors and helped vendors in general.  This was duly noted not just amongst us (the directors) but also with our vendors who gave us rave reviews for our customer service on our fan page.

We also would like to thank all of our new vendors and of course all of the vendors who have supported us for the past two years to be part of our family, we hope that you did well, and very shortly I will start blogging one vendor/performer at each post during the year to keep the blog fresh and updated as well as to inform the people that could not attend.

Where would we be without all the fabulously fantastic talent we had?  We would like to give a BIG shout out to Samurai Taiko/Samurai Academy performing and volunteering their time to show us how the Taiko Drumming is all about, it was a true honor to have them there.

We would also like to thank Del’s Lemonade for donating $0.50 for every cup of Del’s Lemonade went to The Magical Moon Foundation which helps children with cancer.  We’d also like to thank all the people that have sent us pictures, videos and more, keep them coming!

Limited Tee Shirts have been made, to get yours, please e mail us or leave a comment and we’ll send you the information!

HUZZAH and Thank you for your support of Winslowshire Festival for the Animals – Third Year!

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Press Release for Winslowshire 2010

Phinn Volt Enterprises

For Immediate Release

Contact: Gia Saulnier

Step Back in time to help the Animals

A Renaissance Festival to Benefit for the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

June 26th and 27th of 2010

Norton, MA – March 30,2010 – Phinn Volt Enterprises has announced that the third annual Winslowshire Renaissance Festival will take place this year at the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary, located at 37 Eddy Street, Norton, MA, 02766 ( during June 26th and 27th of 2010.  With only having two years behind them, Winslowshire Renaissance Faire won second place Best New Renaissance Faire of 2009 from .

The Winslow Farm’s mission is a high quality “Stay for life” animal sanctuary that helps abused animals and offers a tranquil setting which then becomes a step back through history with the Winslowshire Renaissance Faire.

Phinn Volt Enterprises Director Richard Saulnier was pleasantly surprised at the turn out so far this coming year.  “I’m very excited that we’ll have new varied acts and that most of our vendors are still supporting us.”  His wife and partner Gia agrees, “With all the pavilion tents, you feel as if you were walking through a real shire.”

In fact, Winslowshire has expanded to 30 plus vendors offering handcrafted goods, medieval clothing, leather crafts and much more.  There are also 24 varied acts from live music to Knights doing Hand to Hand combat, to magic, and face painting for kids of all ages.

The two day event will be from 11 am to 5 pm each day.  Admission is $12.00 for adults, $7.00 for children.  Please see our current specials located on our website.

Winslowshire is currently looking for sponsors.  For more information about Winslowshire please visit the website at

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Earl of Witt

Ah the nice sweet sounds of a hammer dulcimer playing in the shire would be our very own Earl  Witt.

Being a musician myself, I still don’t know how he manages to get his hammers on the right notes of his beautiful instrument.  Always in tune and always melodious, he just blends into the background of Winslow Farms as if he was meant to be there.

He also has performed at other faires around New England, including The New Hampshire Renaissance Faire ( and a few others.  He is always very professional and will answer any question you may have.

If you enjoy his music, you can buy a CD from him and enjoy his music more often.  He will be with us again this June, so do get a chance to check his act out.

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Sneak Peaks for Winslowshire 2010

Ah sneak peaks…kind of like a preview from the movies right?  I think I can keep you still in suspense up until the event, but I think I can give you a few things that have been confirmed for this coming June!

June 26th and 27th are our dates for this year from 11 am to 5 pm per day.  Tickets this year will be $12.00 for adults, and $7.00 for kids.  We’ll have discounts too, such as: $2.00 Off for Veterans that bring a Military ID, $2.00 Off if you come dressed in Renaissance Attire or $2.00 Off if you bring a 5 pound bag of dry pet food (any brand is fine) *just know that we can not combine discounts.

So far, Artist Andy Volpe and Author Resa Nelson is confirmed.  We also know that Antika Nueva will be there and Shaine the Blacksmith is really excited and happy to be coming back…I actually heard he sold out of all of his stock last year!  (Including his last metal hand made stake…).

More confirmed vendors have sent in their things, but I don’t want to give it all away…heh heh…oh but our friend The Bonnie Weaver will be there doing live demonstrations again on how to weave with her loom.

We have some  performers lined up too!  Such as our friend the Dirge Queen, Lady Fair, The Three Graces (oh yes, they did confirm they are coming!), Guy Todd, and Paul Calvo is coming!  We also know that Diabolis in Musica has also confirmed for this year.

We also have confirmed that The Neville Companye is coming back to fight it out again this year!  So exciting!

Well, I don’t want to give it all away, but I hope I’ve given you a sample of what we’ll have going on this year, and hope that you make your plans now to come to Winslowshire Festival for the Animals – Third Year!

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