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Our results from this season! Thank you all!

Well, another Winslowshire has come and gone.   The weather forecast for Saturday wasn’t so great, but what people don’t understand is that Winslow is a magical place.  I can’t explain it.  Every year, (or since we’ve been doing this festival there) the forecasters always say Rain or Thunderstorms, BUT it doesn’t rain there!  (Well, not while we have the festival anyways).

The Norton Patch came out, that’s me being interviewed) and our new pals from Geeky and Cheeky

were featured (they are the ones that have those adorable puppets!)  Sunday was much better weather and in turn we ended up with many more people/patrons/customers that came to see us and hopefully enjoy themselves.
We did want to apologize for the bus services (sorry, we didn’t realize that it wasn’t so great) and for having no ATM on site, but sometimes, these are things that are not in our control.
However, we DO want to thank all of you who came to see us, Thank all of our vendors (new and returning), our amazingly talented performers and of course all of our hard working cast and crew!
The farm raised a little over $8,500 plus pet food donated to the farm which I know they appreciate.

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