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Second Annual – Holidays with Winslowshire Vendors

I did this blog last year and I did a section all about ideas that you might like for the upcoming Holiday season with some of the vendors that we had.

Here is my second annual Holidays with Winslowshire Vendors from 2010 season.  Some of them do take credit card and on line shopping, so please check their website for more details.

For those art lovers, they might like Andrew Volpe – statement from his website  “Aside from Reenacting / Living History, I am also an Artist, specializing in works on paper, pencil drawing, as well as Printmaking.”

Or maybe a science fiction book by Resa Nelson – she just came out with a brand new novel called “Our Lady of the Absolute”  about a Modern Day society based on Ancient Egypt.

Are you or your family looking for flowers for Thanksgiving , Christmas or Hanukkah (or Winter Solstice)?  You might try Glimpse of Gaia has some lovely flowers that would look really nice on any table.

If any of your family cooks or likes to cook, you will love (and I mean LOVE) Cucina Aurora who has wonderfully delicious fused olive oils, spices and there is a cookbook also available for recipes.

Oh and if you still get hungry, you can always check out our friends with Nourish Lexington who always has amazing food and is an open space to just relax in (oh and they have live music sometimes too).

Please do check out these vendors this Holiday season, and I’ll post more next month to be fair (ha! a Pun!) to everyone.

Enjoy and be safe everyone!




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