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Those wonderful singing Vagabonds – Iron Hill Vagabonds

If you came to Winslowshire this June, you were lucky to hear The Iron Hill Vagabonds as that was their only New England appearance for 2010.  If you didn’t get to go, these are two brothers that have a musical duo between a guitar and a violin (fiddle) with a mix of traditional songs and instrumental pieces.

Brothers Mark and Ehrich Gauvin portray the Vagabonds and perform all over the Country now in Texas, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana and more!  They also have a website at that tells you more about their upcoming appearances and you can also now buy their CD online (great CD by the way, I highly suggest you get one!) called Whiskey & Promises which you can buy at

These guys are not only very talented but also very entertaining to watch and listen to.  They also have a blog at so you can learn more about them and find out what they are like.  If you are on Facebook, they also have a fan page that you can support them at!/ironhillvagabonds?ref=ts.

We hope that they had fun performing at Winslowshire, and we sure hope that they come back for next year!


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