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Delicious Snacks that we had -Dave’s Mini Donuts and JW’s Kettle Corn

Winslowshire Festival was really happy to have two great food vendors that served more than their fare (ha! a pun!) share of delicious goodies, that I haven’t wrote about yet.  They were Dave’s Mini Donuts and JW’s Kettle Corn.

Oh my goodness, Dave’s Mini Donuts are so delicious even one bite just sends you to heaven. 

I believe that they will be at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire ( and if you get a chance, do go over and have a donut or two, or three, or six…yummmy…

He also makes really good hot apple cider and coffee.

JW’s Kettle Corn found us and requested if they could come and serve Kettle Corn and boy were we lucky to have them!  So great and tasty, salty but sweet kettle corn.  I don’t think they have a website, but I can get their e mail address and if you really enjoyed their kettle corn, I heard that they will ship it to you.  (No, not the shipping corn, the real stuff).  They are local in Carver, MA so I think shipping should only take a few days.


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Pretty cloaks, capes and hats by Fairie Tailor

Fairie Tailor has been making hand made velveteen cloaks, capes, hats and other things for many many years, and currently you can find out more about them on Myspace on this website You can also find them on

We were really lucky to have them for Winslowshire, and I do remember Linda Taylor (see, they used their name for the business…clever…) telling me that someone actually purchased one of their more expensive cloaks at Winslowshire.

I also remember seeing a patron walk in her booth with a jean jacket and coming out with a small cape and hat to match…that was a pretty fabulous transformation if I say so myself!

They are really great people and could probably do anything your wish or which your mind imagines.  I really like the fact that these cloaks are washable!  (Hand washed, but still…great news for us who actually perform in the rain, mud and otherwise not so pleasant weather!)


Other New England Faire news:

CT Renaissance Faire is starting very shortly, do visit their website for more information.

King Richard’s Faire is also starting very shortly, do visit their website for more information.


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Create a magical outdoor space with Cornerstone Creations

If you are looking to spice up your curb appeal with something a little different, try CornerStone Creations. Is their Myspace page where you can find many of what they offer, which also includes how to actually make these wonderfully creative stone pieces that fit in your garden, patio or even on your front porch!

They also have a facebook page as well, so if you are on facebook, do become a fan, so you can keep updated on what they are currently doing and making.

They also make “Tree faces” and these Tree faces are faces that you put on your trees to give your trees some character to them, and let me tell you, my Uncle Pat has one in his yard, and it took me two looks to figure out that it was just a tree face…very funny, but appropriate.

They make all sorts of things from benches to garden gnomes (including a naughty naked gnome) and Concrete signs as well.

I’m sure they can do anything you put your imagation to, and if you don’t see anything you like, I’m sure that within reasonable request, Pete should be able to make it for you.

So, contact them today, or the next time you see them at a Renaissance Faire, do stop by and take a look at all their wonderful creations, you’ll be glad you did.

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