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A Tale about Storied Threads

Storied Threads was one of our new vendors for the 2009 season.  They carry Renaissance themed quality garb which includes Pirate wear, dresses, bloomers, and of course their famous Tricorn Hats! 

According to their website:

“Veronica Bailey has served as the staff costumer for Pastimes Entertainment since 2004 and the Connecticut Renaissance Faire from 2005 through 2007, putting to use her talent for recreating period garb and creating unique pieces inspired by historical fashions. ”

Also from their website about Storied Threads :

Each garment produced in the Storied Threads line is truly unique. Most dealers in medieval and Renaissance garb sell mass-produced items in an array of different colors, but each Storied Threads item is created by hand by Veronica herself, and no two garments are ever alike. ”

They have all kinds of clothing to suit all Renaissance needs and more! 

I really like her clothing as it looks durable and wearable (all at the same time) which to me is very important especially when you are a performer, you need that extra comfort knowing that your garb has been quality made. 

I also liked that they came to our little Faire (being it a second year only) and was very accomadating to the fact that the farm hands decided on being – well,  not very smart… I was sure that she was going to be upset if a mudslide were to come barrelling down to her tent (a half hour before the gate opened mind you), but no, everything was okay.

Also, her husband Michael (who is a critic, and I hope he likes what I write here…gulp…) took lots of pictures (of which are now on our website http://www.winslowshire.c0m) so thanks for that!  My favorite picture of him is the one where he is standing by the goat with his hat on, and the goat is smiling back at the camera…they almost look like um, well…um, cute together…

See them next at The Connecticut Renaissance Faire  which will be from September 26 – October 18, 2009. 

You can also become a fan of their work on Facebook .

*edited for hat change (ha get it!)


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Promoting Winslow Farm

If you didn’t know already, Winslowshire Festival was a benefit for the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary.  Http:// .

Winslow Farm is a very peaceful place with over 250 abused and abandoned animals that live there.  These include over 80 cats, donkeys, llamas, peacocks (including an all white one, really beautiful to see), horses, goats, geese, pigs, Murray the deaf dog (poor thing was trampled by the blind horse), a swan, rabbits, pheasants, etc…

All of these animals are taken care of by Ms. Debra White and her volunteer staff, which she started in 1996.

Winslowshire came to be last year in 2008, as Winslow Farm does events during the year to do fundraising, and one of the events that they had was a Halloween event, in which my Uncle Pat (Uncle in law, but really he’s everybody’s Uncle Pat) showed up in his Renaissance garb.  Debra saw the garb, and said, “Ooh, maybe we should do a Renaissance Faire!”

She had never been to one, or seen one, or knew what it entailed.  So, Uncle Pat got in touch with my husband and myself, and the rest is history.  We started small and grew really large for this season of 2009, and the farm just fell in love with the whole thing.

Of course, everyone that came to the festival, also fell in love with all the animals, the shows, and (we hope) the vendors too.  In fact, lately, we had to take our 5 year old to Children’s Hospital (MRI, don’t worry, everything is fine) and we told the nurses there about Winslowshire and about the farm.

This was after the event had taken place…some of the nurses lived in that area (Mattapoisset and Quincy) and had heard of it, but never went there.  We took our son in July 16th, and had to return last Tuesday (the 28th) and between those two weeks, one of the nurses actually went to the farm with her kids, and made a donation!  Then told all the other nurses in the unit that they should go and take their kids!

Talk about great promotion right? 

By the way, I’m on a quest to blog once a day from NaBloPoMo (remember NaNoWriMo? The one where you have to write a 51000 word novel in one month of November – which by the way I did finish!) So, if you were a vendor or a performer and you would like to be featured, please do let me know!

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Feeling the Flamenco

Since Winslowshire is over for the 2009 season, I thought a good way to keep it updated was to blog about the performers and vendors that participated.

However, Paul Calvo did not get to perform.  He has felt so badly about not being able to be there, but really he was there in spirit, so I felt a blog post would be a great way to introduce you to him and his Flamenco Guitar!

This is straight from his website:

     “In 2004, Paul moved to Spain, where he became fully introduced for the first time to a lifelong musical curiosity of his: Flamenco. It was in El Palo, a barrio of Malaga in southern Spain, that his vecinos and fellow guitarists named him “Pablo ‘El Calvo’.” There, he caught the Flamenco bug and began his journey into the world of Flamenco with local musicians and dancers. He has carried an undying passion for this unique and powerful musical form ever since.”

We got a chance to first hear Paul play at the New Hampshire Renaissance Faire ( and we thought he was entertaining, interactive and most of all really talented.

Being a musician, I think you become a little bit critical of others music and performance, but especially when you are putting on a Renaissance Faire.  You want it to come off as authentic as possible, and Paul Calvo does that.

However, he is still recovering from his terrible motorcycle accident from a few weeks ago, and I just had a chance to chat with him today, and he’s doing much better, and his hand(s) are healing so fast, that he has a wedding gig coming up in September!

My Spanish isn’t so great, but I can say this! Viva la Flamenco!


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The party is over

If you did come to The Winslowshire Festival for the Animals this year, we want to personally say thank you all who trecked in the weather to get to see it.

For those who didn’t make it, well, I’ll post pictures for you all to see it, as you are really still supporting the faire itself by just reading this blog.  I don’t have any on me at the moment, but pictures will be posted up hopefully shortly.

The gate (front entrance) on Saturday ended with 527 guests coming to see Winslowshire.  The gate on Sunday ended with roughly 328 guests coming.  This count does include the two day pass that was available, and I believe about 20 or so were sold of those.  All in all, the farm made roughly $8,000.00 for the entire weekend, which tripled the amount the farm made last year.

We had our issues, crisis and shananagans and all were hopefully handled in a way so that our guests did not even notice a thing…(well, we hope any way).

We had our challenges too, which we faced with some dignity and some stress, but we ended each day with a great finale and great memories.

There are tons of photos right now on facebook ( and if you friend me, or just look up Winslowshire you should be able to see them.  I also know my good friend from took tons of pictures, which we will be posting up pretty soon too, and we have yet to see the pictures that were taken by our “official” photographer.

We had some fabulous acts and thanks to the Buzzard’s Bay Buccaneers for filing in for our pal Paul Calvo ( who was injured over the last weekend and couldn’t perform (get better Paul and soon – will you please?) Of course all our fabulous independant acts were great and people really enjoyed them.

In fact, as I was passing by the Arena where The Neville Co. ( was doing their armored combat, I overheard a guest say on his fairy phone that “You have to come see these knights knocking the crap out of each other” – too funny.

Oh yes, and The Norton Mirror just posted some pictures as well, so do get a chance to see those.

Thanks again all.

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