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Dizzy Lizzie has Lost her Marbles

Welcome to our Scavenger Hunt which will be called “Dizzy Lizzie Has lost her Marbles”

The game is really for children (and yes, small ones can join in the fun too with some help from parents).  All participants that want to start the game will need to start at Full Moon Emporium where they will get an empty bag along with the first clue.

Then the game is on!  There are 20 marbles to find, and 5 special marbles as well.  There will also be three buster marbles, in which only one will be awarded per day.

This is going to be fun for the kids to do, and we thank our vendors who are participating in it!

So far the participating vendors for the game are:

(And in no particular order)

Silvermane, Treasures, Noble Deeds Outfitters, Fairie Tailor, Wolf’s Head Whatever, Lost Art Chains, Aetas Designs, Tatterdamelion, Silver Leaf Leather, JW’s Kettle Corn, Diamonds and Dinosaurs, Resa Nelson, Andy Volpe, Good Quill Hunting, Bumbly Phinn (performer and director), The Sheriff, Cornerstone Creations and a few more…

Please do visit our website for more information, and also, just come for the fun!


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Countdown to Winslowshire

So, the countdown to Winslowshire is only 12 days away!  Wow!  I can not even believe it went by that fast!

We are now filled up to the brim with vendors of all kinds for all ages and really, you need to just go and enjoy yourselves!

Raffle prizes to win too!  Wow! 

This just in! Dave’s Doughnuts will be there!  So, apple cider doughnuts, apple cider (hot and cold) and coffee (yes hot or iced)!

I even heard that possibly Drum and Whistle might be coming to vend so very cool about that!  (Will post website as soon as they send us their contract!)

Have to pay the bus for tomorrow…so that should be um…interesting…sigh, real life…

The pirate stage will be open this year!  We actually made benches this year!  So Huzzah for that!

The Free Lance Guild of Pirates will be doing some demonstrations as well.

What else?  Do I have to keep telling you?   I think you should just go! 😛

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Another mention for Winslowshire

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Innovating Winslowshire

If you weren’t aware, A Taste of Winslowshire was at The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation – what a great museum –  they had all kinds of interesting machines and bicycles from the past to see!

Mass Innovation is every month and I called them to see if we (being a non profit event going on) could do a promotion of sorts, and Bobbie Carlton was more than happy to accomadate us!  In fact, here is the blog from her site!

By the way, Twitter also had someone post some pics of part of our crew that were there doing sword fighting they are the ones that the picture says “Sword Fight broke out at the Mass Innovation Night!”

So exciting!  In fact, I really think a lot of people might just come to see our Faire because we did that event!  I also think that maybe we just may get some help promoting this thing (and not just by yours truly, although I am really enjoying it!)

So, that is the update for now!  Stay tuned for more, yes, more updates!  16 days to go!  Countdown time is here!


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“Have a little help from your friends” – Beatles

So, we all know and love the song “Have a little help from your friends”, right?  That’s how I am feeling this week.  I just want to say thank you for all of our new and old friends supporting us doing this Faire, The Winslowshire Festival for the Animals.

Without them, I don’t exactly know where we would be. 

We are only 16 days away from Winslowshire! 

Did I tell you The Three Graces have confirmed?  Yes!  They are finally in!  We are also going to be changing things up a bit this year, so do come and enjoy yourself, it’ll be lot’s of fun!

Also, reminder, that tonight, we will be at The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation in Waltham, MA from 6 to 8 pm.

That is all for now.

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Marketing strategies that have worked for Winslowshire

Thought I would share some of my tips for marketing and networking to get this event off the ground.

I suppose it would matter where you are located, as Winslowshire is located in Massachusetts, these are the places that I have listed.

Get on Facebook, I know you’ve heard it before, but really if you have a business or a band that has an event, create a fan page, a group page and then invite all your friends.  Facebook is a great marketing tool that you can use and it’s free!  You can even create events.

I really like Twitter.  I know people say that less is more, but on Twitter, I have found that I am able to tell more people, that tell their people and so on.  I’m on twitter and if you have an event, you can do hash tags (#) to separate your event such as #Winslowshire (for instance).

I also like you can add your event for free.  We also contacted via e mail, and if you live in the Boston area, then I highly suggest asking her (nicely) and she will most likely help you out!

I am also on as this is a Renaissance themed event in New England.  I guess that is what I need to say that if you go with the theme, then you should try to stick to sites that have that theme all ready.  We are also on, like Myspace, only for Rennies).

I just joined and I’ve also networked on family friendly sites such as and as well as

It’s on and as well.

So those are my tips for now.

I’ll try to remember what else I did, but am getting geared up for Winslowshire!  Did I mention Paul Calvo is coming?!? yes!  We might trade the tee pee stage for the pirate stage…hmmm…oh you didn’t know about the pirate stage?  Oh yes, it has a ship (well, a marooned one) .

So that’s the update for now.

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